Sushi form for nigiri

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Sushi form for nigiri

Make Sushi Nigiri This is what you do with this handy Sushi Nigiri mold. A slice of raw fish or egg is placed on top of the rice, then it becomes sushi tamago. In our store, we also sell the famous tamagopan to easily make tamago, Japanese omelette.

Tips for Making Japanese Sushi Nigiri:

1) Wipe the mold with a little water, hold the mold just under the tap and shake well and tap it with a towel.
It is important that the sushi rice is of good quality.

After cooking, the rice should be brought to room temperature by stirring the rice regularly, preferably with a wooden rice spoon. After this, the rice is covered with a lid that is folded in, for example, a towel. It takes a while for the sushi rice to reach room temperature. If the rice is too hot, the rice may stick. The rice should not be too moist.

2) The sushi rice can be in the nigiri shape. Press the rice evenly into the nigiri mold. Then remove the lid and gently press the bottom of the mold to remove the rice (as with ice cubes).
The nigiri mold has indentations on the bottom, which makes it flexible to get the rice out of shape.

3) The molds are not allowed in the dishwasher or near the stove, for example. Wash gently by hand.

Length: 15 cm

For 5 pieces of nigiri sushi

Brand: Tokyo Design Studio

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