Tokyo Design Studio Tamago pan - (pan for Japanese omelette)

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Tamago pan

Note: this pan cannot be sent by letterbox post, only parcel post Euro 6,95 in Netherlands!

The tamago pan is specially designed to make Japanese sushi omelet. The special thing about this pan is that it is suitable for making a rectangular omelette for dashimaki. The most famous form is the tamago nigiri, the omelet is held together on the rice by a strip of nori.

The sweet omelette is used for the tamago nigiri sushi.

In the video below you can see how to use the tamago pan and get useful tips.

Tamago recipe

For a tasty tamago omelette you can add a little Japanese sake or Minrin (sweet Japanese rice wine, consists of 50% sugar) instead of the sugar.
Sugar can caramelize in the pan. Sometimes a very thin and narrow piece of Nori seaweed is folded around the tamago, this also gives it a special taste.
Soy is also often added to the tamago omelet. Taste how the soy tastes separately, whether it is not too strong and the taste of the tamago dominates.
It is a matter of trying out which combination tastes best.
Important: Watch the temperature, medium heat, so that the egg mixture starts to solidify. It should not burn.

Size: 13 x 19 cm

Dishwasher safe.

Suitable for gas stove, not suitable for induction.

You can buy the tamagopan for induction here .

Made in Japan

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