Payment methods

How can you pay with us?

For the Netherlands:
1) Transfer by bank (free)
2) Paying IDEAL (free)


Paying with iDEAL Paying with Ideal is user-friendly and you do that in a few steps.

Step 1.
After the (virtual) shopping cart has been filled by (the customer), choose i-DEAL as payment method via the special i-DEAL payment button on the website of (the merchant).

Step 2.
The customer selects his own bank and then enters the trusted internet banking environment to approve the payment. All relevant data have already been completed.

Step 3.
The amount is directly booked from the account of the customer and is on the way to the bank account of the Merchant. On your statement you can see the name of Sisow payments, this is the organization that provides Ideal for us.

Step 4.
With i-DEAL you can confidently, safely and easily pay for your online purchases. You settle in your familiar internet payment environment, based on specific security methods of your own bank. As an internet banker you can directly use i-DEAL, without having to sign up for it.
For more information, visit the i-DEAL website.
Note: Sisow will appear on your bank statement, which is the payment method for Ideal that we use.

For Belgium:

1) Transfer by bank (free)

2) Mr Cash / Bank contact only available for orders of Euro 25 or more

For Germany:

1) Transfer by bank (free)


0,70 + €3,4%


Visa Card

€ 0,25 + 1,8%

America Express

€0,25 + 2,8%