Terms and Conditions Japans Servies Online Shop

Article 1 Definitions

1.1. Japanese Tableware Online is a web shop Ambiance Creations, registered with the Chamber

of Commerce in Rotterdam under number, established Ghijs Country 106

3161 VJ Rhoon.

1.2. Customer: the natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business,

entering into an agreement with Ambiance Creations.

1.3. Website: the Japanese Tableware Online website can be reached via

www. Japansservies.nl; www.Ambiancecreations.nl;

1.4. Agreement: a distance contract with the customer purchase

occurs through an organized system for distance selling Ambiance Creations

of products at Ambiance Creations and wherein up to and including the closing of the

agreement exclusive use of one or more means

distance communication.

1.5. Grace period: a period during which the customer has the ability to dissolve

the sale to be achieved through the right of withdrawal.

1.6. Right of withdrawal: the ability for the customer upon receipt by him

ordered product (s), these products within the withdrawal within 14 days,

commencing the day after the customer has received the product without giving

return reason Ambiance Creations and get back the purchase price.

Conditions are that the product is not damaged and is in its original packaging.

The postage costs are for the account of the customer.

Article 2 General provisions

2.1. These conditions apply to all offers of Ambiance Creations

and to all distance contracts between Ambiance Creations and the client

2.2. The customer can derive no rights from the fact that these Ambiance Creations

terms and conditions may apply smoothly. For subsequent transactions, this

suppleness not obvious.

2.3. If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions in whole or

partially invalid or void, the remaining terms remain

terms and conditions apply.

2.4. In these terms, the word "writing" are also considered

produced and written documents through electronic means

sent, certainly below to understand email.

Article 3 Offers

3.1. When products are offered by Ambiance Creations on the website

product listed and the product price including VAT.

Any shipping costs are clearly stated on the website.

3.2. The products offered include the Ambiance Creations website as

possible accurate and truthful description and / or picture of the

product offered.

3.3. If the descriptions and / or images as described in Article 3.2

reality change even makes Ambiance Creations in any way

damages to the customer. The customer always retains his right to be

right of withdrawal as defined in Article 6.1.

3.4. Ambiance Creations provides the customer about the expected delivery of the

product, this period is only indicative.

Article 4 Conclusion of an agreement

4.1. Agreements are concluded after the customer by Ambiance Creations

issued offer or tender is accepted.

4.2. If the customer has accepted the offer electronically and paid confirms

Ambiance Creations immediately electronic receipt of

acceptance of the offer.

4.3. The Ambiance Creations is always free, without giving reasons, disagree

to deal with a range accepted by a customer.

Article 5 Delivery / Price & Payment

5.1. The customer can send the ordered goods to be determined by him

address within the Netherlands.

5.2. The cost of shipping will be charged to the customer.

5.3. All articles are in stock within 1 business day after receipt of

payable in order offered at PostNL.

5.4. If Ambiance Creations, take the order can not perform within 21 days

we call or e-mail contact and the order can be canceled without charge


5.5. The customer is responsible for the correct delivery address details. If there are

Products are sent which were not, we should at the latest within

7 working days to be informed so that the order in consultation in order to

to be made.

5.6. prices on the Ambiance Creations website are in Euro including 21%

VAT plus shipping. The total shipping cost is through the website


5.7. After the conclusion of the agreement can not be agreed prices

be increased, subject to any price changes which Ambiance Creations

no influence such as tariffs suppliers, shipping rates or tax rates.

5.8. Payment can be made in the following way: during the establishment of a

Agreement by means of electronic payments (I - Deal).

5.9. Any inaccuracies in the billing should reach the customer directly at Ambiance

Creations to be reported, and Ambiance Creations will correct the amount.

5.10. Inaccuracies in the invoicing does not relieve the customer of any payment

or other obligations set out in these conditions.

Article 6 Return of products

6.1. The customer has the receipt of the products ordered fourteen (14) days, at

pursuant to his right, to the ordered product without reason

send to Ambiance Creations return.

6.2. During this period the customer will handle the product and

the package. He will be the product only to the extent unpacking to the extent necessary

is to assess whether he wishes to retain. If he his

right of withdrawal, he will the product with all accessories and -

if reasonably possible - in its original condition and packaging to Ambiance

Returns Creations, according to the reasonable provided by Ambiance Creations and

clear instructions.

6.3. The customer needs from the moment of receipt of the goods all appropriate

to take measures to prevent damage to the product and / or packaging.

6.4. If the customer uses his right of withdrawal, the risk of transmission of

the customer's account.

6.5. The customer is responsible for the product in pristine condition to return.

6.4.1. The costs of return are at the customer's account.

Article 7 Guarantee

7.1. The customer the products should be checked immediately upon receipt.

Any defective products the customer must immediately upon discovery Ambiance

Creations to sign and within 24 hours.

7.2. If the complaints be upheld by Ambiance Creations is the

customer repair, a replacement product or refund the invoice value of the

product offered.

7.3. Warranty periods vary by product, at a reasonable time. any

additional warranty offered by Ambiance Creations, the manufacturer or importer

do not affect the legal rights of the customer.

7.4. Customer can not claim warranty as lack of product caused by

fault of the customer.

Article 8 Force majeure

8.1. Ambiance Creations is not obliged to fulfill any obligations

to the customer if he is being hampered due to a circumstance

is not due to his fault, nor under the law, an act or

generally accepted for its account.

8.2. Ambiance Creations is continuing for the period that the force majeure

suspend obligations under the agreement. If the force majeure lasts longer than

a period of thirty (30) days, both the customer and Ambiance Creations entitled

Agreement to terminate, without any obligation to compensate the

other party damages.

8.3. If for some reason the offer at PostNL inside working out

8.4. are possible, we will phone or email contact you.

  Article 9 Liability

9.1. If Ambiance Creations is held liable by the customer, any

Ambiance Creations liability limited to the amount of the

Orders excluding shipping costs, at least for that part of the order which the


9.2. Ambiance Creations is only liable for direct damage. Direct damage

9.3. it should only be understood:

the reasonable costs of determining the cause and extent of the damage,

provided that the determination relates to damage under these conditions;

any reasonable cost to the poor performance of Ambiance

Creations to let the agreement insofar as this to Ambiance

Creations can be allocated; reasonable costs incurred to prevent or

limit the damage, to the extent that the customer proves that these costs have led to

limitation of direct damage as referred to in this article.

9.4. Ambiance Creations excludes any liability for indirect damage

ago by the use of the products delivered by Ambiance Creations, with

except for situations where the injury is directly attributable to intent or gross negligence

on the side of Ambiance Creations, its directors and / or executives.

Ambiance Creations shall never be liable for consequential damages and

Damage lost savings.

9.5. The content of the site and the content of all other manifestations of Ambiance

Creations on the Internet has been compiled with the utmost care. ambiance

Creations can not give any guarantees concerning the nature, accuracy or

content of this information.

9.6.Ambiance Creations is not liable for any errors or

inaccuracies, or for the consequences of the use of the relevant


9.7.Ambiance Creations is not liable for any excess

delivery or loss or damage by Post NL.

Article 10 Complaints / Applicable Law and Disputes

10.1. Any customers who have complaints about delivered by Ambiance Creations

products and / or services should as soon as possible and in any event within a

reasonable period; detailed, comprehensive and Ambiance Creations in writing to be


10.2. If a customer is not satisfied, he / she may be the day after he / she has the order

received within 7 working days submit a written complaint to Ambiance

Creations. After the complaint was lodged will Ambiance Creations within fourteen (14)

days to react. If Ambience Creations not be able to get inside this

deadline to respond substantively to the complaint Ambiance Creations will be an indication

give when it can be discussed in detail the complaint.

10.3. The client and Ambiance Creations will only appeal to the court if they

have done their utmost dispute in mutual consultations


10.4. On relations with all legal Ambiance Creations is a party, only the

Dutch law.

Article 11 Privacy - statement

11.1. All personal information will only be used by Ambiance Creations and

will never be made available to third parties, if necessary

payment transactions and delivery of the order.

11.2. The content of the Ambiance Creations website, including but not limited to: the

texts, images, design, photos, video and / or audio material, trademarks and

domain names are the property of Ambiance Creations and are protected by

copyrights and intellectual or industrial property rights under the

applicable law exist. It is not allowed users of the website to the

site or reproduce any portion thereof, or to make available

without the consent of Ambiance Creations.

11.3. All copyrights and intellectual property are and remain the exclusive property

Ambiance Creations. In both agreements between advertiser and Ambiance

Creations and in these terms of use may be no provision

interpreted in a manner in which this is not the case.

Article 12 Copyright

12.1. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be copied,

stored and / or distributed without written permission of Ambiance Creations.