Futomaki sushi form (thick sushi roll)

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Futomaki sushi form (thick sushi roll)

Note: this is a thick maki mold, for wide sushi maki.

If you want to make Hosomaki (to make smaller sushi maki), buy the narrow shape .

Making sushi is fun and easy with the right sushi molds. The simplest form of sushi is the maki sushi. With the sushi maki mold you can easily make sushi rolls.

See the method:

Moisten the sushi maki mold first.
Fill about half of the mold with sushi rice and press the sushi rice with the supplied lid.
Then put your filling on the sushi rice and then put about the same amount of sushi rice on the filling.
Press the sushi rice again with the lid so that it feels firm. Place a Nori sheet with the shiny side down.
Press the sushi rice out of the mold onto the nori sheet.
Roll the nori over the rice and moisten the end of the nori sheet to keep the nori in place.
Now cut the Maki sushi roll with a knife into equal pieces.

It is best to use a special Sushi knife to cut the Sushi.

Size: 7.5 x 20 cm

Three piece

Material: plastic, washable

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