Awaji Island Koh-shi Japanse wierook assorti "The Fragrance Series"

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Japanse wierook assorti "The Fragrance Series"

De Japanse wierook van "The Fragrance Series" zijn van uitstekende kwaliteit en bestaan uit puur natuurlijke materialen. De geur is zeer aangenaam en verfijnd. De wierook uit deze serie is dan ook een van onze favorieten.

Inhoud: 14 stokjes wierook

Lengte: 13,5 cm

| Wael 04-04-2019 09:03

First of all, incense preferences are personally-biased by nature. So the verdicts clearly differ from one person to another. The real interesting element in all Koh-shi incense series is that they offer two types of incense: "Emits smoke" and "Limited smoke". Presenting this choice is a very appealing factor that widens the basis of incense fans in general, for the degree of smoke tolerance clearly differs among living beings, especially in closed and semi-closed spaces (here animals and plants are included!).

This being said, I will only give here my verdict on the fragrances of this collection taking into account three criteria, namely a) the intensity of the fragrance, and b) its lastingness after it finished burning, and c) my own personal liking (the most subjective criterion here) for certain fragrances of course.

The best fragrances I liked from this series are: Fresh Sandawlwood Breez (#106), Fragrant Olive (#108), and Cherry Blossom (#116). These are followed only by Japanse Musk (#112).

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