Tokyo Design Studio Flora Japonica teapot and teacups

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Tokyo Design Studio Flora Japonica teapot and teacups

This beautiful tea set consisting of a teapot with matching tea strainer and four matching cups is a pleasure to drink tea in a cozy atmosphere. The paintings are based on the Japanese Flora and Fauna. In addition, this tea set is packed in a beautiful gift box, which is closed by a magnetic lid.

Dimensions and contents:

Teapot: 1200 ml

Cups: 170 ml

Material: porcelain

Brand: Tokyo Design Studio


Background information Flora Japonica

The design of the Flora Japonica collection is inspired by the plants that existed in Japan centuries ago.

This series includes fine-leaved maple, heart-shaped katsura, white pine and ginkgo biloba.

The Flora Japonica collection establishes a connection between the Dutch-Japanese influences from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Netherlands imported porcelain from Asia and developed Delft Blue. This history can be found in this collection.

Tokyo Design Studio guarantees the excellent quality of these products. The products are produced in both China and Japan, under the supervision of Tokyo Design Studio.

The products are fired twice, then they are each decorated in one color, glazed and fired again.

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