Cast iron teapot traditional black 1.20 liters

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Cast iron teapot traditional black (1.20 liter)

This traditional black cast iron teapot with a studded structure comes with a tea strainer and wooden coaster. This teapot is of excellent quality and has a "neutral" design, making it suitable for any household.

The teapot is packed in a black box.

Please note: teapot is delivered without a cloth

Brand: Fuji Essentials

We have purchased this beautiful cast iron teapot from our fine supplier Galerie d'Orient in Paris. We have been working with this reliable supplier for many years and speak to him regularly at the famous home fair Maison et Objets, Paris.


Maintenance of a cast iron teapot:

To keep the cast iron teapot in good condition, it is important to follow the following tips for cleaning the cast iron teapot.

1) After use, rinse the pot with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth while the teapot is still warm.

2) Never use soap or hard brushes or scouring pads.

3) Let the teapot dry upside down on a cloth.


1) Do not leave water in the teapot.

2) Do not use the teapot to boil water. Do not place the teapot on a heat source.

3) Do not put fruit tea in a cast iron teapot, otherwise the enamel will be affected.

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