Cast iron teapot traditionally black (1,20 ltr)

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Cast iron teapot traditional black (0.8 liter or 1.20 liter)

Note: a brown dress is supplied with the 1.20 liter teapot, unfortunately no longer with the 0.8 liter teapot.

This traditional black cast iron teapot with studded structure comes with a tea strainer and wooden coaster. The teapot is packed in a black box.

Maintenance of a cast iron teapot:

To maintain the good condition of a cast iron teapot it is important to follow the following tips for cleaning the cast iron teapot.

1) After use, rinse the pot with warm water and dry if the teapot is still warm with a soft cloth.

2) Never use soap or hard brushes or scourers.

3) Allow the teapot to dry upside down on a cloth.


1) Do not leave water in the teapot.

2) Do not use the teapot to boil water in it. Do not place the teapot on a heat source.

3) Do not put fruit tea in a cast iron teapot or the enamel will be damaged.

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